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The Girl in the Bathtub

Genre: Biography
Released: 2018
Director: Karen Moncrieff
Starring: Caitlin StaseyAdrian HolmesAndrew HendersonDominic DownerLisa Marie DiGiacintoGlynis DaviesPaul CampbellBethany BrownWarren AbbottKate Isaac
Run time: 90 min.
Views: 955
(9.6/10 from 5 users)955
Not available
TV-14 (?)
Storyline: A young alcoholic woman is found dead in a bathtub at her boss's home.

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senior master
(3 days ago)
Wow, what an amazing portrait of a sad and lonely girl. I so connected with her and her struggles. This movie hit really close to home for me, as I was her in a lot of ways in my past. I suffered from Anorexia for years always wanting to be pretty enough, skinny enough...perfect enough. I also suffered from alcohol and drug abuse over the years. I know that alone feeling that void she was trying so desperately to fill. I know a lot of people looked at her as a slut the way she was living her life in the end but that isn't what I saw. I saw a very lonely girl looking for love, looking for someone to love her. I think some of us have extremely large hearts and the ones of us that do have a hard time finding someone to match that love for them. It is so sad that she had so many people in her life yet none of them could stop what they were doing and be there for her in her time of need. Alcohol withdraw is a very serious matter and should NEVER be done alone. Hallucinations auditory and visual are very real not to mention all the other symptoms she would have been feeling. I think she was trying to stop the pain any way she could.
This is a must-see for anyone suffering from addictions or if someone they know is. Help is always out there you just have to ask for it. smiley

(4 days ago)
A fairly good plot. It contained an actresss that I like a lot, Caitlin Stasey. She has a simple elegance. It also had an actor that I like but I haven't seen in some time, Jason Patric. Maybe he's been around, and I just missed him. [SPOILER] It's time that people learned the difference between lonliness, and the desire to be alone. If you're the type of person that needs people [and Barbara Streisand says they are the luckiest people in the world] then you may have to accept that no one is perfect, and accept that it's ok if you're not either. Good film. Unfortunate ending.


senior guru
(4 days ago)
This is a really good movie. It was far more moving than I had anticipated. Great acting, beautiful caricature of Julia Law. She was flawed, and she was human, and she was hurting. Was just a good movie showcasing the life of a girl who died to young, and still has an air of mystery surrounding it, but in reality probably just died by accident....or did she?